Rehearsing resistance

performers: Melina Brinkmann (they/she), Dana Maxim (they/she)
Resistance is acknowledging the abuse that happened to you.
Resistance is acknowledging the abuse that happened with someone close to you.
Resistance is acknowledging the abuse that happened with someone nothing like
you. […]
We are inviting you for a coming together among FLINTA*. Please wear comfortable
clothes and shoes, as you are invited to join our movement practice.
Language: english
Duration: 45 min

Dana (*1997, MD) and Mel (*1995, DE) got to know each other at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. Both of them work on socio-political issues from an intersectional-queer-feminist perspective through different mediums: hybrid performances, choreography and installative formats. Melina Brinkmann lives and works in Berlin as a choreographer, performer and
director assistant. In her/their latest choreographic work, her team and she/they collaborate with a group of girls* and develop a fantastic anti-ballet using styles of K-pop, folk dance and classical dance, which will be premiered at uferstudios 10th of March. 2022 she/they assisted at the production “Ophelia’s Got Talent” by Florentina Holzinger at Volksbühne and worked at Ballhaus Ost and uferstudios for the director Sebastian Blasius. In 2021 Mel and her team presented the augmented-reality performance “Pushback GO” in the public space of Frankfurt a.M., which was funded by Fonds Soziokultur, Hessische Theaterakademie and Kulturamt Giessen. Within the project the artistic team, that consisted of Yazan Melhem, Judith Bethke, Yazan Twakalna, Till Krüger and Mel, organized a workshop for people with refugee and/or migration background to exchange skills of acting, dancing and life-experience. Dana Maxim is a multimedia artist, from Chișinău, Moldova. Their last works: the installation Oh! The heartache – a collaboration with Eva Streit, and the performance Softcore Pornography – an i[n|d]ivisible work with NIX*, are dealing with
migration and stigma from the perspective of a white Eastern European. Both works are a part of the project Poverty Heritage. Together with their colleague Eng Kai Er, have produced the online performance ‘skin on screen’, which was performed at Theatermaschine, HTA-showcase and Hessische Theatertage. Before moving to Germany, they worked with Rimini Protokoll as a translator and performer in Remote Chisinau audio walk, a collaboration with CPC Azart and Sava Cebotary Theater Company. Their first play The ART Student, a manifesto against the sexual
abuses in Moldovan high schools, was awarded first place by Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania. She wrote the play being one of the playwright’s Inna Cebotari mentees, at the age of 19.